About Us

JVH Productions & Recordings was founded in 2004 by singer, song writer and bassist Juan Valdez
Juan began his music career in 1976 playing in the school jazz band and continuing on playing music throughout Europe with various bands and studio musicians from 1985 until 1990. While living in Europe he toured with Percy Sledge, George McCrae and Joan Faulkner with his band backing up these artist when they toured Germany. He was inspired by great bassist like Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorious, Marcus Miller, Louis Johnson and Mark King which made him the great music producer and writer that he is today.

JVH Productions started out re-recording cover songs for local school talent shows for kids who wasn’t able to purchase pre-recorded music. This turned out to be very successful so he decided to write and produce music that would be for sale or leased. Since 2000 he has written and produced over 500 beats or songs that have been purchased or leased around the world, and can be heard today being used by various artist.