• Before Mastering1:30

  • After Mastering1:30

  • Before Mastering1:30



Are you tired of searching for someone to professionally mix and master your  songs?  Do you want record company quality mixes and mastering? If your answer was yes to both questions then you have found the right place. JVH Productions is your mixing and mastering headquarters for professional record company sounding mixes like you hear from major record labels without the outrages prices. We have experience with mixing and mastering Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, EDM, R&B, Funk, Soul, and Gospel. 


  • After Mastering1:30

  • After Mastering1:30

  • After Mastering1:30

  • Before Mastering1:30



  • Before Mastering1:30

 Below are audio samples of songs sent to us for mixing and mastering 

Each song has been mixed from dry, raw wave files before being mastered

                                                             Each song is a 1:30 sample of the song before mastering & after mastering                                                                   


More audio samples of our work is available upon request

​All mixing packages will include mixing, mastering, effects as needed, EQ tone adjustment and ISRC Code issued at your request.

(Basic Package) Mixing & Mastering 1 Song Up To 8 Tracks $5
(Standard Package) Mixing & Mastering 1 Song Up To 16 Tracks $10
(Premium Package) Mixing & Mastering 1 Song Up To 24 Tracks $15

Songs with up to 32 tracks will be charged $35.00 per song

Mastering Per Song $5

Album mixing & mastering up to 10 song $50

All mixing is processes through the Harrison Mixbus 32 Analog Mixing Console and mastered using  Lurssen Mastering Console.

All mastering packages will include bringing your song up to the industry standard levels. Mastering files will be delivered in wave, aif and mp3 format.

Before any mixing or mastering begins your order must be placed and paid for in advance,

​Please go to the Mix/Master Payments page to place your order through Fiverr

Email jvhproductions@jvhproductions.com