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JVH Productions & Recordings is seeking artists to place with these beats or are you looking for Hip Hop or R&B Beats for your next project, then you've come to the right place? We will create you a beat of your choice and style of music for your next project. All beats will be mixed and mastered and ready to drag into your DAW. You will have exclusive rights to the beat once you have setup a contract with us. Once your song is completed you must register your song and our beat with our publishing company Juan V Music Publishing (BMI) at that time we will control 100% publishing rights, and co-publishing rights will be split 50% with the producer and owner of all music. If you are currently interested in any one of the beats below you will be sent a voice tagged version of the beat until a contract is made with JVH Productions & Recordings and Juan V Music Publishing, then you will be sent the beat untagged without the voice track, all beats will not be for sale or lease only contracted out. If you are interested in any of the beats below please go to our contact page and give the name of that beat and we will get back with you soon as possible.


  • Something About You_95Bpm_Tagged3:23
  • Bounce It_94Bpm_Tagged3:45
  • I'm Lost_With Hook_108Bpm_Tagged3:52
  • I Don't Know You_With Hook_104Bpm_Tagged4:18
  • He's Mines With Hook_108Bpm_Tagged3:34
  • Mented With Hook 120Bpm Tagged4:00
  • Put You In A Bad Place_130Bpm_With Hook_Tagged4:27
  • Night Stand_95Bpm_Tagged3:34
  • Forever With You_99Bpm_Tagged3:54
  • Break It Down_96Bpm_Tagged3:03
  • Take It To The Top_112Bpm_Tagged3:18
  • Uptight 130Bpm_Tagged3:20
  • Sit Tight_With Hook_142Bpm_Tagged4:07
  • My Pride 84Bpm_Tagged4:33
  • U Me And He 95Bpm Tagged4:02
  • My Way_116Bpm_Tagged4:08
  • Down With Me_94Bpm_R&B_Tagged4:17
  • Stop Talking_With Hook_130Bpm_Tagged3:59
  • Sometimes_80Bpm_Tagged5:14
  • Baby I Want You_96Bpm_Reggae_Tagged3:42
  • Hype_124Bpm_Tagged4:11
  • Aztek 120Bpm Tagged4:00
  • Get Back_92Bpm_Tagged4:01
  • Till The Morning Comes_100BPM_Tagged3:51