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Beats Coming Soon!

Are you looking for a song for you next project? Then you have came to the right place, here at JVH Productions we will create any style of music for you or you can purchase or lease any of  our songs posted on this page. Each song is tagged with a voice track until it is purchased or lease then you will be delivered the song in an mp3, wave file along with all musical stems from the song. Also all tracks are in low quality until they are purchased or lease then you will receive and mp3 file at 320kbps, wave file at 1141kbps 24bit.

All songs will be professionally mixed and mastered so you can just drop them directly into your musical project, or you can drop and drag

the music stems directly into your project and have them mixed and mastered yourself.

All songs are for sale or lease, if your interested in any song please contact us direct with the song title.

Non Exclusive Lease $20.00

Premium Unlimited Lease Mp3, Wave Lease $40.00

Exclusive Unlimited Purchase $250.00

Please visit the leasing agreement page for more details about our contracts

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